The Airbus Type MCDU and the Boeing Type CDU can both be run full screen without the bitmap for the keyboard and line selection keys (LSKs).

Some basic commands are:

[Ctrl-O] Toggles OpenGL and Normal Text Mode

The normal text mode is just there for backward compatibility, and should be avoided. We recommend to use OpenGL. Most modern computers should be able to handle it and it is closer to the real thing. Please note that there is some FMC hardware which doesn’t require to set any such parameters, such as the CockpitSonic FMC products.

Please Note: Any changes you make with the following commands need to be saved by exiting the program with the [Ctrl-Q] command. If you just switch off the computer, all settings will be lost.

[Ctrl-Shift-O] Removes the bitmap and displays the FMC’s text in OpenGL Windowed mode. If you want to use the software this way, you can resize the window by grabbing the corners and moving them with the Mouse.

[Alt-F] will force Full Screen Mode in OpenGL and toggle back if needed

If you want to position the FMC’s screen on a secondary monitor, move the FMC to that screen, then press the corresponding command.

[Ctrl-R] resets the size of the FMC to its default

The positioning of the text in full screen mode can be done via the Keyboard commands Ctrl-Cursor Keys or Alt-Cursor Keys. There is also a special menu that allows you to adjust font size, scratchpad and title positoning.

In the Airbus MCDU it can be accessed via MCDU MENU twice, then  DISPLAY, then FULL SCREEN (one page for text, frame and font)

In the Boeing CDU you press MENU twice, then LSK  DISPLAY and choose FULL SCREEN (one page for text, frame and font)

 These things can also be set via the CDU.INI or MCDU.INI file:

                              / This section is for OpenGL settings
                              / and OpenGL Full Screen Display
                              / Will use OpenGL rather than normal
                              / windows text, 24 columns, 14 rows
                              / When set to on, font smoothing
                              / for display is done via polygons,
                              / if off, via blended outlines
                              / Bitmap-less full screen operation
                              / Will automatically Maximize screen
                              / for full screen operation
(followed by other parameters)