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  1. Refurbished FSC Simulators available

    October 11, 2016 by Enrico Schiratti

    Flight Simulator Center in Italy are offering two turn-key and ready-to-ship simulators. (fotos below)

    They are small footprint 737NG simulators with brand new flight controls, its features are:

    • Full Metal and fiberglass structure
    • AFT and FWD Overhead full integration with PMSystems
    • Equipped with 7 High Resolution LCD monitors
    • Full and adjustable Backlight
    • Dual Linked Rudder Pedals with Tilt
    • Motorized Metal Throttle built for intensive use
    • Wireless control through Instructor Station Tablet
    • Complete Pedestal with radio COM, NAV, ADF, transponder
    • B737NG PRO Replica Seats with J-RAILS
    • Dual-Linked Yoke/Pitch and Bank
    • System assembled and tested in FSC labs
    • Easy to operate and near-zero maintenance
    • High-End Simulation PCs
    • One Year Warranty

    For more information and pricing, please contact us.




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  2. FSC at the AERO 2015 in Friedrichshafen

    March 30, 2015 by Enrico Schiratti

    Flight Simulator Center is proud to announce its presence at AERO Friedrichshafen in Germany, World’s Leading Aviation Trade Show.

    From 15 to 18 April, 2015. HALL A6, STAND 305.

    FSC News Item

    AERO Expo Website


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  3. Promo Video

    April 22, 2013 by Enrico Schiratti

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  4. Partner Website Updates

    April 12, 2012 by Enrico Schiratti

    In the last couple of months we have been focusing on our cooperation with two companies in particular: Cockpitsonic Solutions in Germany and  Flight Simulator Center in Italy.

    Both provide turn-key simulator systems for Entertainment as well as flight training (AATD, FNPT and FTD). A lot of new hardware has been developed and there is more to come.

    Right now the top priority is to add type-specific features to the existing software and streamline the interaction with this new hardware (e.g. dynamic control loading, CAN Bus interfacing…  while still maintaining reverse compatibility to existing and working simulators.

    Please visit both sites above, because they have recently been updated.

    Link to Flight Simulator Center Website

    Link to Cockpitsonic Solutions Website





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  5. Preparatory Courses for Real Pilots

    May 23, 2011 by cyeates

    Please visit our site at  http://www.flightsimcenter.eu/Connections/course.asp for all the informations about our Preparatory Courses. Thank you very much for your attention.

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    by cyeates

    Please Visit our page at  http://www.flightsimcenter.eu/Connections/EAV.asp EURO AIRLINES VIRTUAL. Thank you very much for your interest.

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  7. iPilot Flight Simulator Experience

    May 14, 2011 by Enrico Schiratti

    The iPilot Flight Simulator Experience makes flying a Jet Simulator accessible to anyone.

    Starting in the UK, they are expanding to several locations throughout the world. Currently you can book a flight in London Westfield, Munich Airport and soon in other cities such as Frankfurt, Hamburg, Prague and Dubai.

    Each iPILOT Simulator Flight comes with a fully qualified Pilot instructor. Anyone is accepted and even real pilots use it for training and check ride preparation.

    Customers are able to fly from and to any airport in the word, with Hong Kong Kai Tak, London Heathrow and St. Maarten being firm favourites. In total you can choose to fly to and from as many as 24 000 Airports around the world.

    For more information about their offerings, please go to the iPilot Website


    iPilot Simulator with Project Magenta Software

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  8. Celebrating our 4th birthday in Vienna

    May 12, 2011 by Rene Billiani

    This is how our “Sim Building Adventure” started in May 2007:


    After some time of extensive learning, building, tweaking, some “tries & errors” and great support by Enrico and Jonathan our simulator is in full operation here in Vienna:


    More information and pictures are available (in German only) here: FLY737

    All the best to all our friends, colleges and Sim Builders out there!

    René Billiani

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  9. Flight Sim Center (Flight Training in Milan, Italy)

    May 11, 2011 by Enrico Schiratti

    This training center in Milan (Area Piazzale Lodi) offers courses for companies as well as individuals.  Their courses range from Pre Interview Ground & SIM Assessment to MCC Training and they also offer individual flight hours on their simulators.

    For more information please go to their web site: http://www.flightsimcenter.eu/

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