So we have reached a new milestone, a private effort went public in 1999 and evolved in a way that was never expected. While in a real aircraft the magenta line in the navigation display gives you guidance to where the destination is, ours keeps going on.

The first simulator cockpit in the years before that was a real DC9 shell with a mixture of hardware. The original overhead panel, high-grade simulator parts for Boeing and Airbus thrown in the mix. Sadly, that simulator has vanished in the meantime. There are still some photos on

At this level, the simulation world has changed dramatically since then. Computing power has grown to the point where the simulation engine can generate stunning images easily, the avionics can run smoothly and the available hardware is incredibly type-specific. Production quality and connectivity has also reached highest levels.

Not only have new aircraft types appeared, the existing ones keep changing the avionics and procedures so we always have reason to improve and evolve and follow where the market leads us. The last two years have also seen us develop vertical solutions for future navigation technology workbenches, ten-point touch-screen simulators and maintenance trainers.

We are looking forward to what the future brings, there is very much to do and we will keep doing it. Thanks to all our supporters over the years and our new-found customers… it was never obvious that things would go this far.