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  1. OpenGL and Project Magenta

    June 10, 2011 by Enrico Schiratti

    It isn’t just the outside visuals that are impressive in a simulated cockpit, the vast majority of the time a pilot is looking at rendered instruments, flight management computer screens and synoptics. On top of being fully functional, they have to be smooth and visually identical to their real aircraft counterparts.

    Project Magenta has been developing flight simulation avionics and systems for more than ten years and OpenGL is a core quality and selling point. Several thousand of installations with Project Magenta are being used by flight training professionals, the aviation industry as well as hobby cockpit builders.

    The following products use OpenGL:

    • all Glass Cockpit Software
    • Flight Management Computer screens
    • pmSystems
    • Instructor Station
    • General Aviation avionics

    Having become the industry’s foundation in our own sector heavily relies heavily on using the industry’s foundation of high performance graphics.

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  2. Changes for June 8th

    June 8, 2011 by Enrico Schiratti

    Here some changes on the site in recent days:

    • new upload of betas for all Airbus-Type programs with several changes
    • Instructor Station re-compile with several optimizations
    • the new builds overview page has been re-done to make things a bit more clear
    • lot of work went into the ticket system to organize things better
    • the forum has been re-worked a bit to make it as simple and clear as possible
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  3. Windows 7 User Account Control

    by Enrico Schiratti

    When it comes to networking and Windows 7, things can be pretty restrictive with the UAC. This is also affects software installation and general network and computer speed.

    Disclaimer: We do not reccomend you do this, but if your network is in a controlled environment, and you know who can access it and how (or can’t) then there is no reason for you not to disable the Windows 7 UAC.

    To do this, simply click on Start, then enter ‘UAC’ in the “Search Programs and Files” Box.

    The first (and possibly only) entry is ‘Change User Account Control Settings’.

    The slider in on the left of the screen goes from “Always Notify” to “Never Notify”. The setting we suggest to use is “Never Notify”.

    The statement that “need to use programs… do not support User Account Control” is a bit misleading, as even fully certified programs need to be run as administrator on occasions. We are simply doing away with a hurdle which might not be needed in a simulator environment.

    As we have had reports of Windows Drivers and even FSUIPC/WideFS or Prepar3D installations malfunctioning, and this is a valid workaround.

    Comments welcome.

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  4. pmStartup

    June 7, 2011 by Enrico Schiratti

    This program is a simple little tool to update a local computer with files from a given main computer.

    Please place this program in your WideClient folder and run it there, if you use any Run1= or RunReady1= commands in your WideClient.INI, then then you can run it with ‘run wideclient.exe’ To let this program run after the computer has finished booting, place it in your Start – Programs – Startup folder. Make sure it is pointing to the right ‘Start In:’ folder, so it finds the script file.

    In this example, it assumes that the update zip files are uncompressed and in a folder c:\updates on a computer called MAIN

    Files are then copied to the last destination folder that has been defined.

    pmStartup will stop WideClient if it is already running and re-start it once it is cone this is done so you can replace wideclient as well from a reference folder

    To stop this program, press Esc

    wait 5 //waits 5 seconds (if you wish)

    source \\main\c\updates\ //sets source folder
    dest c:\wideFS
    copy wideclient.exe
    dest C:\abgc\ //sets destination folder
    copy abgc.exe
    copy abgc.dll
    copy abgc.nav
    wait 1
    dest C:\pmSystems\ //sets another destination folder
    copy pmsystems.exe
    copy pmsystems.dll
    copy pmsys320.txt
    sleep 1
    //you can place a run wideclient.exe here
    run wideclient.exe
    sleep 1
    run c:\fcu\fcu.exe
    sleep 1
    run c:\abgc\abgc.exe

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  5. Expanded Customer Profile Page

    June 5, 2011 by Enrico Schiratti

    The Website Profile section has been expanded, this is in preparation of some new features that will be added soon.


    Apart from the usual password change and country information and whatnot, you can now also:

    1. See the confirmed year you became a Project Magenta Customer (always interesting)
    2. Opt in to receive News and Special Offers for existing or coming products via E-Mail
    3. Decide whether want to receive new Build information (as soon as it is implemented)
    4. Check a box if you want to be included in a Project Magenta member/website directory to promote your Site/Company
    5. Add your Telephone number should we need to contact you (e-mail problems/tech support) with international prefix…
    6. Information about Operating System as well as Simulator and Aircraft Type used (for tech support)

    If you want to add a little something about yourself (which will not be made public, as any other private information you might share (apart from website), there is a special field for that as well.

    This might be expanded in the future, and if we do, we will let you know.

    Thank you! Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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  6. Error with ATI HD cards (MSVCR80.DLL not found called by atioglxx.dll)

    June 2, 2011 by Enrico Schiratti

    From time to time we get support questions about OpenGL not running on some cards (such as in this case an ATI HD) because the MS Visual C Runtime library is missing.

    This is normally due to a faulty or incomplete install of the graphic card drivers. One solution is to look for the newest driver for your hardware and install that one, another is to follow the instructions in the link below:

    Solution source: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/270377-33-atioglxx-opengl-error-series

    Resolution by a customer:
    “The solution to my problem was using the older ATI Driver that came with my card as you suggested. It is dated from 30/10/2009. This stopped all the runtime errors for me. The unable to create font was fixed by a simple restart like you also suggested.”


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  7. Creating News Posts on the Project Magenta Website

    June 1, 2011 by Enrico Schiratti

    We encourage our customers to post something about their simulators on their website. Should you not have a menu bar at the top of the browser (where you just select “Add New and then Post”, all you need to do is go to this page: Add New Post

    Here you would add a title, then your text. If you want to use HTML instead of the Visual Editor, click on the HTML tab on the right.

    If you want to include an image, click on the icon on the right of “Upload/Insert“. You should be also able to embed video (e.g. from YouTube), which is easily accomplished in HTML mode.

    Once your post is ready, select a category (e.g. Sim Builder’s Blog or ProCustomer and Partner News) and then click on the “Publish” button and you’re done!

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  8. Update on the Ticket System

    May 30, 2011 by Enrico Schiratti

    The ticket system is now officially being used by several people and we have adapted it to some additional requirements needed for our software.

    While it is not the only way to get in touch with us about the software it might be the best way of keeping track of things for everyone involved.

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  9. Preparatory Courses for Real Pilots

    May 23, 2011 by cyeates

    Please visit our site at  http://www.flightsimcenter.eu/Connections/course.asp for all the informations about our Preparatory Courses. Thank you very much for your attention.

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  10. Forum open for tests…

    by Enrico Schiratti

    Not sure whether we will have a forum in the long run, but as some people requested it, we put something online.


    This will be there for the next month on a trial basis.

    We used to have a very active newsgroup, and I am a bit partial to mail reader based solutions, but perhaps this will prove useful as well.  So feel free to enter content.

    I also never get tired of encouraging anyone who wants to post photos or information about their own simulator… you can do that in the Sim Builders Blog (link on the right hand menu).

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