Sound and Alert Generation in a Cockpit Environment


This software generates sounds and callouts depending on various flight situations, it was made to run with our other flight management software, but it can also be used without other Project Magenta components. This is not an adventure, not an FS module… it can be run in parallel to FS on the same PC or on a networked system. You can switch certain sounds on and off at any time. More Project Magenta Products can be found here. You are also able to run it on more than one computer and re-direct sounds to various speakers.

This software was written for Microsoft FS98, FS2000, FS2002, FS2004, FSX, ESP, Prepar3D and X-Plane.

Please make sure you have FSUIPC installed, to run this software in a network you also need WideFS. Both can be found on

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General Features

  • Co-Pilot callouts: 80 knots, Vr, Transition Altitude (from PM Software), flap and gear position, 10000 ft
  • GPWS Warnings, Announcements, Callouts
  • Sound Effects (Wing, Flaps, Gear, Random Sounds)
  • Engine Sounds
  • Waypoint Switching, Altitude alerts (in connection with PM FMS software)
  • Sounds can be selecctively disabled at any time
  • A good number of sounds is by Wilco Van Deijl, with his permission of course

Please note:

  • To install pmSounds simply run the Setup program and follow the steps you see on the screen, the program will create its own folder and a subfolder containing the sound files
  • pmSounds might not run with some sound cards when used on the same PC as FS
  • pmSounds should not be installed within any of the FS folders, it runs independently from FS, on the FS computer or on a computer in a network using WideFS
  • pmSounds requires FSUIPC
  • pmSounds is only available to Project Magenta customers