Has it really been ten years? Hundreds of thousands of hours provided by volunteer air traffic controllers servicing pilots, adding a new dimension to the potential of PC based flight simulation? This is an amazing achievement and a great act of dedication, organization and evolution that has taken place for the benefit of everyone involved. Congratulations!

Being one of those who dreamt of these possibilities and tried to do something like this from the very early days, I feel very close to this community and its members. It is time to celebrate, and my understanding is that there is a long list of events that will keep the level of enthusiasm high, publicize VATSIM to those who do not know about it and make those who strayed come back for more!

Many thanks to all of you, it is hard work and fun, or fun and hard work, but what an impressive result and very well worth it! So blow out the candles and make a wish, keep going strong and we’ll all get to a hundred!

Best Regards

 Enrico Schiratti
Project Magenta