When it comes to networking and Windows 7, things can be pretty restrictive with the UAC. This is also affects software installation and general network and computer speed.

Disclaimer: We do not reccomend you do this, but if your network is in a controlled environment, and you know who can access it and how (or can’t) then there is no reason for you not to disable the Windows 7 UAC.

To do this, simply click on Start, then enter ‘UAC’ in the “Search Programs and Files” Box.

The first (and possibly only) entry is ‘Change User Account Control Settings’.

The slider in on the left of the screen goes from “Always Notify” to “Never Notify”. The setting we suggest to use is “Never Notify”.

The statement that “need to use programs… do not support User Account Control” is a bit misleading, as even fully certified programs need to be run as administrator on occasions. We are simply doing away with a hurdle which might not be needed in a simulator environment.

As we have had reports of Windows Drivers and even FSUIPC/WideFS or Prepar3D installations malfunctioning, and this is a valid workaround.

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