The Website Profile section has been expanded, this is in preparation of some new features that will be added soon.

Apart from the usual password change and country information and whatnot, you can now also:

  1. See the confirmed year you became a Project Magenta Customer (always interesting)
  2. Opt in to receive News and Special Offers for existing or coming products via E-Mail
  3. Decide whether want to receive new Build information (as soon as it is implemented)
  4. Check a box if you want to be included in a Project Magenta member/website directory to promote your Site/Company
  5. Add your Telephone number should we need to contact you (e-mail problems/tech support) with international prefix…
  6. Information about Operating System as well as Simulator and Aircraft Type used (for tech support)

If you want to add a little something about yourself (which will not be made public, as any other private information you might share (apart from website), there is a special field for that as well.

This might be expanded in the future, and if we do, we will let you know.

Thank you! Comments and suggestions are appreciated.