There are five types of Project Magenta Software Licenses

Certifiable Aviation Commercial License
This is a commercial license with expanded functionality for flight training devices (AATD, FNPT, FTD) that are going to be certified for flight training use. This is like a commercial license and comes with a special technical and backup license agreement. Please contact us for additional details.

Commercial License
A commercial license applies to any company or individual that has a for-profit application of a simulator or solution which uses Project Magenta software. This applies to all products, including any freeware programs made available by Project Magenta. These licenses are per simulator/setup and can be re-sold. If you are an integrator building simulators for private home users, then this license has to be used, not the private user license.

These licenses require a yearly update fee which is defined by the invoice/contract. Technical support via ticket system and telephone.

We also offer special technical/lab licenses for hardware developers and simulator manufacturers.

Educational License
This is like a commercial license, only it is being used in an educational facility such as a public school, public university or public technical school. This does not apply to Flight Schools and other training facilities with commercial interests.

Private/Home Use License
This type of license is for private cockpit builders who build their own cockpit on their own computers in a space which is limited to access by them and immediate friends. These licenses can’t be re-sold or converted to commercial licenses at a later date.

Support is exclusively via the ticket system.

Technical/Support Differences
The operational side the software, with some minor exceptions, is identical. When a professional customer asks for special changes or customizations they can and will be treated with a higher priority than the other licenses. Some flight training oriented features are available only in the professional version of the software.