FSX or third party aircraft & PM Autopilot and Systems

General: At this time, to use our software with FSX you will have to disable the AP gauge in the FSX panel.cfg of the aircraft type you are using for flight with the PM / MCP software. Generally if not using a panel at all in MSFS, then the only section you need in the panel.cfg is the section referring to [VIEWS] everything else can be deleted. Please *always* keep a back-up of your original files in case you have to revert back. 

If you want to use third party aircraft that has their own systems (APU/Electrical/Hydraulic etc) these need to be disabled as well. They are not going to work and interact with the Project Magenta Synoptics. Systems etc. These also have to be disabled by changing the panel.cfg file.

  • If you are using the default FSX Airbus, you must disable the FBW command in the aircraft.cfg file: fly_by_wire = 0
  • Use either the above method re the panel.cfg or copy a FS2004 737 panel.cfg for the Airbus, this is to ensure that the AP functions work.
  • Make sure FSUIPC and WideFS are fully up-to-date with current versions.

All of the above are required for correct operation of the FCU in FSX. If using another add-on third party a/c model, make sure also that the above items are conformed to.