Some may have already experimented with the alternative Autopilot in the MCP and the FCU, and I think it has reached a point that it may be ready for primetime. Many changes have been made, especially since we put more effort into X-Plane.

To allow easier interaction with that mode, I have added a page to the MCDU and CDU that allows you to enable/disable the Beta AP and also set its parameters. In both FMCs, press MENU twice, then MAINT, AP (or A/P).

As a general note, most flight models will work well with a Pitch value of 30 and a Bank value of 50 (factors). There are some flight models that require much higher settings.

The test procedure for the lateral modes (bank) is to first select a new heading, see how it turns towards it and captures it. If things are too violent, lower the bank value, if too slow, increase it.

For pitch select a vertical speed, 1000 or 2000 ft/min, then see how fast it gets there and set factor accordingly.
The next step is to fly an approach in normal approach configuration and see how that works, adjusting factors accordingly.

I might write an automatic test procedure as well, it depends on whether it is necessary.

Airbus builds on
Boeing builds on

The Boeing even number versions will be released in the next couple of days.