Easy to use Moving Map for Flight Simulators


There’s not much to say about this program and there shouldn’t be too much to say about it… The basic idea is a very simple and effective Moving Map. One you want to use and has all it takes without being complicated and cluttered with features.

You can use it when you are flying online, giving you a quick idea where what is when you are flying in unknown areas.

The concept behind this moving map program is as simple as its ease of use. It is a fast and reliable reference for FS pilots with good-looking graphics and quick access to all features. If you liked the award-winning Freeware WhazzUp, you will like this one as well.

Features include:

  • FS AI Aircraft Display
  • ILS Profile Display
  • Worldwide Navaid Database (VOR, NDB, Airports, Runways and Fixes) 90.000+ entries
  • A/P heading lock on any VOR or ILS
  • Displays Project Magenta Boeing-Smiths-Type CDU/FMS Data
  • Displays SquawkBox flight plans
  • Displays coastlines and bodies of water for orientation
  • Dynamic repositioning of your FS aircraft
  • Rotates 90 degrees left and right
  • Can be run via WideFS on a Network
  • QuickMap is available for purchase and it can be used with Microsoft FSX, Prepar3D and X-Plane.

Without a registration code, this program switches to Demo Mode.