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  1. New Website – Old Website

    May 20, 2011 by Enrico Schiratti

    Working with the new website reminded me of the very beginnings, well before Project Magenta. When it was all a project in an old DC9 cockpit that was being retrofitted with PCs and parts from a 737-400. How things have changed.

    The Wayback Machine is a website archive, and it comes in rather handy to illustrate how things used to be. It is probably going to be there as long as we have an internet:

    Schiratti.Com in 1999

    There are some words in there that still make us all laugh… like Windows 98.

    Well before that was this… but that’s another story.

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  2. Login and Password Help

    May 18, 2011 by Enrico Schiratti

    To simplify things, you might want to:

    • change the password to one of your own choice, you can do this in Your Profile  
    • while you are there, why not enter something about yourself? fill in your website if you have one? 
    • if your browser does not do the “remember me” thing, you may have to enable cookies for our website
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  3. List of Latest Build Uploads Available

    May 17, 2011 by Enrico Schiratti

    To the right of “Software Updates” you should see the text “more info…”

    If you click on that and you are registered as a Customer, you should see a list of the most recent uploads, showing the last uploaded file first.

    We are still experimenting with this, so please let us know your thoughts.

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  4. New Builds

    by Enrico Schiratti

    New builds have been released yesterday:

    Instructor Station

    • menu handling improved


    • new FCU, MCDU and GC
    • FD changes for Engine Out operation
    • HDG mode selection during FLX takeoff and GA corrected
    • IDG temp indication fixed
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  5. May 16 Webite Updates

    May 16, 2011 by Enrico Schiratti

    Added current Docs in PDF Format (some used to be in HTML):

    • Project Magenta FSUIPC Offsets
    • FSUIPC Quick Reference
    • Terminal Procedure Description
    • Aircraft Configuration File Description
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  6. May 15 Webite Updates

    May 15, 2011 by Enrico Schiratti

    Some changes to the site for today:

    1. Added Terrain Data File Post to FAQ
    2. Added World-Wide Raw DEM Files (WhazzUp Plus) to Downloads
    3. Added Converted DE1 files for Glass Cockpits
    4. Uploaded QuickMap Build 152
    5. Updated QM and pmSounds Information Pages
    6. Fixed Footer Links
    7. Removed “Test Only” from Ticket Submission on Support page
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  7. iPilot Flight Simulator Experience

    May 14, 2011 by Enrico Schiratti

    The iPilot Flight Simulator Experience makes flying a Jet Simulator accessible to anyone.

    Starting in the UK, they are expanding to several locations throughout the world. Currently you can book a flight in London Westfield, Munich Airport and soon in other cities such as Frankfurt, Hamburg, Prague and Dubai.

    Each iPILOT Simulator Flight comes with a fully qualified Pilot instructor. Anyone is accepted and even real pilots use it for training and check ride preparation.

    Customers are able to fly from and to any airport in the word, with Hong Kong Kai Tak, London Heathrow and St. Maarten being firm favourites. In total you can choose to fly to and from as many as 24 000 Airports around the world.

    For more information about their offerings, please go to the iPilot Website


    iPilot Simulator with Project Magenta Software

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  8. Now even on Facebook

    by Enrico Schiratti


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  9. Testing the Support Tickets

    May 13, 2011 by Enrico Schiratti

    We have installed a Support Ticket System (under Support) as well as a mail submission form.

    To see whether it works for everyone involved, we will give it a couple of weeks to decide whether we keep using this one or our current method of handling issues.

    If you have outstanding requests, bugs reports and… let’s spell it out… problems, and you have the time to re-submit them, please do so.

    The actual list of tickets will only be visible to administrators and the person who submitted the individual ticket(s). We might revisit that and make them public or set up a number of experienced “superusers”, depending on how well the system works and how its benefits are.

    You should get a notification when you submit a support ticket and also when it is being updated.

    Thank you for your cooperation!

    Enrico Schiratti

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  10. RSS Feeds and Posts

    May 11, 2011 by Enrico Schiratti

    Please note that all the posts (News, FAQ, Blog) are also available as RSS feeds. To add them just click on the orange icon in your browser and they will be added to your existing feeds. This will also work on many smartphones.

    Should you be new to RSS feeds and are looking for more information about it, this is a rather good article which will show you how it works and how it may be useful to you: RSS Feeds on Wikipedia

    We might post software update information as a seperate post in the near future as well.

    Also, under every post on this website you can add comments as well. Please use this option to comment on a post (espectially in the FAQ section) so we can improve upon them for everyone’s benefit.

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