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  1. Major Airbus Software Update

    July 25, 2013 by Enrico Schiratti

    Today new Builds were posted for the Airbus Software

    - reworked glass cockpit display and synoptics
    - several changes to MCDU (secondary route, airway entry, route generation etc)
    - changes to pmSystems file

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  2. pmFlight UK Airbus 320 Simulator

    April 22, 2013 by Enrico Schiratti

    pmFlight is based at Redhill Airport in the United Kingdom. Its close proximity to London Gatwick Airport and the London area make pmFlight easily accessible to not only UK but world wide customers.

    This video introduces the new A320 Simulator and its features.

    Website: www.pmflight.co.uk


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  3. Promo Video

    by Enrico Schiratti

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  4. Windows 8 tests looking good

    December 19, 2012 by Enrico Schiratti

    As always concerned when a new Operating System comes out, no exception with Windows 8.

    The first hardware available was a Sony Vaio Duo 11 tablet PC, and it performed very well. Connected via wireless to the simulator, the Instructor Station ran smoothly with a suprisingly high framerate.

     Photo Courtesy of FSC




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  5. Compatibility to older Operating Systems

    November 3, 2012 by Enrico Schiratti

    Due to third party modules in our software, some older operating Systems (like Win2K) may not be run some of our software.

    Currently issues are being reported with pmSystems and Win2K. This is most probably due to program components used to support I/O features of certain hardware.

    While we will do our best to assist our customer’s needs, there are limits to what we are able to do.

    Given the performance of current computer hardware, we also have had very good experiences with newer operating systems running all of our software on one single PC. Depending on your hardware configuration (e.g. FMCs) this might not be possible, but it is strongly advised.

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  6. Airbus Interfacing

    April 29, 2012 by Enrico Schiratti

    Some Airbus Interfacing Notes:

    Thrust Lever

    The potentiometer value for the individual thrust levers 0-16383 are written to

    0×5914 WORD (2 bytes) Throttle 1
    0×5916 WORD (2 bytes) Throttle 2
    0×5918 WORD (2 bytes) Throttle 3
    0x591A WORD (2 bytes) Throttle 4

    Thrust Gate Positon(s)

    Separate Gates:

    Airbus Separate Gates

    0×5490 BYTE Gate Engine 1

    0×5491 BYTE Gate Engine 2

    Thrust Gate Value (0=Control Off, 1=MREV, 2=Rev Idle, 3=Idle, 4=CLB, 5=THR MCT, 6 = TOGA)

    Value 10 Disables Current Setting, forces setting via Trust Lever 2
    Value 11 Disables Current Setting, forces setting via Trust Lever 4
    (the Values 10 and 11 can be used to switch back and forth to MREV and REV IDLE while using the lever position for the other settings)

    Alternatively, only one position for all:

    0x48F2 BYTE (1 byte)
    Thrust Gate Value (0=Control Off, 1=MREV, 2=Rev Idle, 3=Idle, 4=CLB, 5=THR MCT, 6 = TOGA)

    Value 10 Disables Current Setting, forces setting via Trust Lever 2
    Value 11 Disables Current Setting, forces setting via Trust Lever 4
    (the Values 10 and 11 can be used to switch back and forth to MREV and REV IDLE while using the lever position for the other settings)


    0×5911 BYTE  Airbus Flap Position, starting with 1 = UP (for Airbus 5 positions UP-1-2-3-FULL)

    The FCU will then set the flaps according to the situation, i.e. if you write the value 2 for Flap 1 on the ground, it will set flaps 


    0×5910 BYTE (bit 1) Spoiler is in ARMED position 
    0×5910 BYTE (bit 2) Spoiler is in DOWN position 

    0x591C WORD (2 bytes) for the Spoiler Potentiometer (0 – 16383)


    The Project Magenta Fly-By-Wire software supports various ways of interfacing.

    Single Sidestick

    You can connect a single joystick (sidestick) either to the computer on which pmFBW is running (preferred) or to the Flight Simulator computer.

    Dual Flight Controls 

    You connect the flight controls to the FBW computer and disable elevator and aileron control within the simulator.
    pmFBW supports both the Windows Joystick functions and EHID (Cockpitsonic) flight controls directly. In addition to the flight controls, pmFBW will handle also the EHID Flap, Spoiler and other center console controls.

    For normal Airbus-Type flight controls “Pitch Priority” should be enabled. When that option is off, then the V/S will be controlled by the FBW software.


    The default mode of operation of the FCU for FSX and X-Plane is with the PM autopilot on. For most flight models a pitch factor of 30 and bank factor of 75 will be correct.

    If you are not using hardware that is directly interfaced to PM software such as the CPFlight FCU, please note the following:

    For the commands, please use the FCU Throughpass Offset 0x4F2 with the individual values listed in the pmOffsets list. I.e. do not use K031 (value 31) for VS but use K059 (Value 59) for the VS PULL.

    Airbus-Type Extensions
    ALS K049 (AB LS Button)
    ALS K149 (AB LS Button) (Copilot)
    ASTI K050 (AB STD/QNH push)
    ASTO K051 (AB STD/QNH pull -> STD BARO 29.92 in)
    ASPI K052 (AB Speed Button push – managed speed mode)
    ASPO K053 (AB Speed Button pull)
    AHDI K054 (AB Heading Button push – managed heading mode)
    AHDO K055 (AB Heading Button pull)
    AALI K056 (AB Altitude Button push – managed altitude mode)
    AALO K057 (AB Altitude Button pull)
    AVSI K058 (AB VS Button push – managed altitude mode)
    AVSO K059 (AB VS Button pull)
    AEXP K060 (AB EXPED Button)
    ATFP K061 (AB TRKFPA Button)
    IN K062 (AB QNH INHG)
    HPA K063 (AB QNH HPA)
    VN1 K071 (AB VOR1OFF)


    Please note that you can switch to the Thales version via the MCDU MENU SETTINGS page.



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  7. Partner Website Updates

    April 12, 2012 by Enrico Schiratti

    In the last couple of months we have been focusing on our cooperation with two companies in particular: Cockpitsonic Solutions in Germany and  Flight Simulator Center in Italy.

    Both provide turn-key simulator systems for Entertainment as well as flight training (AATD, FNPT and FTD). A lot of new hardware has been developed and there is more to come.

    Right now the top priority is to add type-specific features to the existing software and streamline the interaction with this new hardware (e.g. dynamic control loading, CAN Bus interfacing…  while still maintaining reverse compatibility to existing and working simulators.

    Please visit both sites above, because they have recently been updated.

    Link to Flight Simulator Center Website

    Link to Cockpitsonic Solutions Website





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  8. Project Magenta and new PMDG and iFly releases

    August 10, 2011 by Enrico Schiratti




    With the recent releases of two amazing new products several people are rightly asking about compatibility between that software and Project Magenta.

    In the past add-ons with their own flight management and aircrafts simulations (which go well beyond the capabilities of FS) could easily be used with third party software by removing or replacing the panels, as those were the ones used for the additional features. This way cockpit builders were able to use the parts they wanted, i.e. the flight model and the outside view of their aircraft within FS, and the rest of the Project Magenta Software in their networked computers with their dedicated hardware. Typically these add-ons are used in a normal one-computer setuo.

    Due to new copyright protection systems included in the fresh generations of some products, the flight model and 3D model of the aircraft is now interlinked with the rest of the add-on, which makes it difficult, if not illegal, to “break out” these parts from the rest of their product.

    As Project Magenta we can’t make any efforts to break this protection, and we will have to see what alternative solutions can be offered by ourselves or others. Please check our forum for a more in-depth discussion about this.

    iFly http://www.iflysimsoft.com/
    PMDG http://www.precisionmanuals.com/


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  9. VATSIM 10 Year Celebration

    July 26, 2011 by Enrico Schiratti


    Dear VATSIM,

    Has it really been ten years? Hundreds of thousands of hours provided by volunteer air traffic controllers servicing pilots, adding a new dimension to the potential of PC based flight simulation? This is an amazing achievement and a great act of dedication, organization and evolution that has taken place for the benefit of everyone involved. Congratulations!

    Being one of those who dreamt of these possibilities and tried to do something like this from the very early days, I feel very close to this community and its members. It is time to celebrate, and my understanding is that there is a long list of events that will keep the level of enthusiasm high, publicize VATSIM to those who do not know about it and make those who strayed come back for more!

    Many thanks to all of you, it is hard work and fun, or fun and hard work, but what an impressive result and very well worth it! So blow out the candles and make a wish, keep going strong and we’ll all get to a hundred!

    Best Regards

     Enrico Schiratti
    Project Magenta




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  10. Website Uploads

    July 23, 2011 by Enrico Schiratti

    A new version of pmStartup and Heritage Aircraft Config Files has been added to the downloads section.

    Please check the Forum for more details.


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